Primary Care Units

Mobile medical units for Primary Care solutions supporting rural areas

ISF Medical is able to provide different kinds of mobile units designed to allow medical staff to execute a wide range of diagnostic procedures and treatments, also in rural and decentralized areas.
According with local requirements and with the quality of the roads, the mobile units may have different sizes and characteristics.
Depending on type and size, these units can include GP rooms, gynaecology and ultrasound, dental practice, laboratory for analysis, farmacy, monitoring vital signs and so on.

An internal generator ensures the operational autonomy of the unit.
Lay-out and internal equipment can anyway be changed or adjusted according to local needs.
In case of need, a satellite communication system can be installed to ensure a tele-consulting or a tele-assistance by specialized medical centers.
In any case IML is willing to provide medical, technical and nursing staff, as well as training to local people and telematic remote-support.